About "Rescue The Indian River"

RTR is dedicated to rescue efforts on the Space Coast to save the Indian River Lagoon with focus on the obvious problem that other groups do not wish to tackle: Yard fertilizer 

Ban this poison from any store near the lagoon!

Why do other well meaning organizations avoid or hardly mention the biggest polluter of the lagoon?

Well I have to be careful not to disrespect the fine groups who are making some headway to help the River -The real problem is that most people refuse to give up their poison.

The same reluctance can be seen in the selection of the projects selected from the tax referendum --a focus on muck removal, storm water improvements and sewage/septic tank improvements- all needed and worthy projects. However not a word mentioned about the source of the algae blooms: Nitrogen rich Yard fertilizer

Horseshoe crab, victim of fertilizers & peoples lust for a lush yard

Report a fish kill

A hot button topic that no politician will touch for their Political  careers will be at risk.

People (voters) are addicted to these yard poisons no less than opiates or nicotine.

Tamper with people's addictions at your own risk!

Voters will Remember and financial donators of campaign funds-legal and illegal will remember.-career over.

As a matter of fact; who will be ready for the push back when stirring this hornet nest?

*People like there emerald yards-the River be dammed.

*Landlords want their yard lush for top dollar.

*Bushiness like their green sward.

*Golf courses and cemeteries feel the need to fertilize to stay competitive.

*Grass cutting business need that grass verdant to stay in business.

*Flower club old ladies will not give up their passion for growing.

*Politicians need the payouts from fertilizer producers and dealers.

*Home owner associations whose goal is to harass and keep up property values will insist on their velvet green yards-What is the monetary fine to home owners who do not fertilize their yard green?

And to be honest how many home owners actually give a whit about the IRL? 

Their thinking is "How can my five pounds of fertilizer hurt anything?"

And that question has merit until considering the 500,000 thousand homes on the IRL from Ponce Inlet to the St. Lucie Inlet each using five pounds of fertilizer.

Math question: 5 pounds multiplied by a half a million yards equals? -a dead River.

However the retail Stores are not going to give up the revenue from fertilizer sales-and there will be pushback from all parties involved.

The preventable result is the death of North America most diverse estuary. 

The only solution is a petition to ban all fertilizers in the counties that border the River and a personal commitment to stop using these chemicals.

(Not picking on this brand) It is all poison to the lagoon. The fine print brags it feeds yard (and algae blooms) for three months.

Perhaps it was the production of "super fertilizers" coupled with development that pushed the Indian River Lagoon into its final death by algae bloom.

The River will not be cured until this stuff is made illegal.

What is your choice?

"Basically war with no surrender or negotiation"

RTR sees two choices:

A dead River lined with a checker board of green squares of pretty yards or a live River with fertilizers banned.

What is your choice?

Is a complete ban possible? Anything is possible-just have to be aware of the difficulties of a long war.

My family faced a terrible uphill battel against the EPA, DNR and a giant oil company when a pipe line leaked into a stream in eastern Missouri- A ten year brutal contest to remove the contaminated soil from the O'Day Creek.

So improvement even victory is possible- if formidable.

I cringe when I see all the pesticides, poisons and super fertilizers being sold to posion the river.

For heaven sakes Stop.

Simple reminder: Every single one of us who lives near a watershed has the ability to choose Not to use this poison.

Excellent article at Surfrider.org, about the causes of the recent algae blooms. Urging everyone to contact their local politician. However the urge should be to contact your representative to ban these yard poisons.

We all live downstream

Indian River Lagoon Research

Brevard County

Half Cent Sales Tax –Save the Lagoon Project Status Report

Save our Lagoon progress & videos on Facebook

Save our Lagoon link

Save Our Indian River Lagoon Performance Table @ Brevard.gov

Sunshine Law Memo

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