Space Center art, posters and paintings
page 2

Second page of "space' propaganda"

Quote from page one of Space Center Art:

"The Space Center... ..Walk into any building, bunker or launch tower around the Space Center and one is immersed in space or rocket art!"

Spectacular launches and pioneering adventure from both past and future endeavors.

As a long time science fiction fan, I get chills from ALL of it!

NASA & Art

Page Three of Space Center Art

Fourth page of Space Center Art

Fifth page of Space Center Art

Poster on wall at KSC

Visitor Center competition poster 

Lunar Gateway station Poster

Heavy Lift rocket and Ais Indian arrowhead found near the center

Mural on wall: Next phase of exploration

Partners in space

Poster on floor of building to be demolished

Poster on floor of building to be demolished.

The warning is still valid though

Launch viewing car pass placard and identification lanyard

For viewing on NASA Causeway

My favorite astronaut poster!

This KSC mural PRE-DATES the space shuttle program which ended in 2011

Mars, the new frontier

Painting on truck at KSC

Just not sure.....

Old and new shapes

Old work horse.

Faded Poster on a now demolished NASA building

Space, final frontier, heard that on some tv show....

Charred Feather Painting

on the Blue Origins rocket in their building outside the KSC gate

Mural on wall at Kennedy Space Center

Mural on wall at Kennedy Space Center

And just being stupid....

Turkey aliens from outer space? (navigates to my other web page)

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