Space Center posters and paintings
Page Three

Third page of "space & rocket propaganda art"

Quote from page one of Space Center Art:

"The Space Center... ..Walk into any building, bunker or launch tower around the Space Center and one is immersed in space or rocket art!

Spectacular launches and pioneering adventure from both past and future endeavors.

As a long time science fiction fan, I get chills from ALL of it!"

NASA & Art

Second page of Space Center Art

Fourth page of Space Center Art

Fifth page of Space Center Art

The Future....

Return to the Moon with Orion and Gateway Station

Hopeful mural on wall at KSC

Amazing successes.....

Space Shuttle Poster on a now demolished NASA building

The Family....

Mural on Wall at Kennedy Space Center

"The Family" or rather the current family members

And the Ares

Launched once and kicked off the space center due to politics. The powers in charged wanted SpaceX in, so Ares was kicked 'out' of the KSC rocket clan

(Poster on wall of a now demolished NASA building)

Poster on the floor of a now demolished NASA building.

Interesting and sad.

United Space Alliance, the main space shuttle contractor had the Ares contract as the hopeful poster demonstrates. However the Ares and space shuttle workers were all laid off at the end of the programs. Fall of the House of Shuttle

Model left on table of a now demolished NASA building.

SpaceX as the successor to the Ares and Shuttle has been impressive with their launches and landings.

Manned flight by 2020?

SLS rocket 'Back to the moon'

Poster on wall of a now demolished NASA building

RLV Poster on wall of a now demolished NASA building

The RLV never went into production due to engine problems

Poster from a now demolished NASA building

Poster from a now demolished NASA building

Final mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

She is now a permanent and oft visited resident of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center.

Multi Use Space Port. Poster is from Orbital & on wall at KSC

Mars Science Laboratory

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) a robotic space probe mission to Mars launched in 2011

Could not pass up this launch! Mars!

Poster on the floor of a now demolished NASA building

Poster on wall of a now demolished NASA building. Picture quality is horrible, but gone is gone.

Very surprised to find a comic book like poster on wall of a now demolished NASA building

Poster on wall of a now demolished NASA building

Poster resting of the floor of a now demolished NASA building

Poster on wall of a now demolished NASA building

Welcome aboard to your new career at KSC!

New shirt for sale in HQ

Space Shuttle Enterprise test landing in California.

1979 Poster was on wall of a now demolished NASA building

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