MR340 Winter Survey of Check Points

The MR340, the worlds longest non stop kayak/canoe race.

Photos and comments from our winter inspections & surveys of the towns and boat ramps along the Missouri River. The photos were taken over a couple of winter trips. (Viewing both low water, flooding and snow)

Paddling on the River in the winter would be.....not advisable (I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by saying it would be stupid)

That leaves exploration by foot, car, book and Google.

Nearly frozen Missouri River

Klondike Park boat ramp.

Check point #8 except when the back up ramp is used at Weldon Springs

(approximately 40 miles from the finish line)

Snow along the Missouri River on a cold Midwest day

Winter cliff overlook on the Wild Missouri River

An unexpected stop!

The Power of the Muddy Missouri River

Comment on the photo above: This particular high water was almost as bad as the historic 93' flood.

Of course the MR340 race would have been canceled if the river had been in flood stage.

The MR340 odds of the race being started on time....about one in three (it was almost 50-50 for a long time)

If any part of the race course is above official flood stage, the race start will be delayed on even canceled.

One year the race was delayed until October. Which meant cold mornings, less daylight and autumn foliage.

Cold River

Labadie Power Plant in winter -downriver of the town of Washington Missouri

Winter stop at Montel Winery overlooking the town of Augusta and the Missouri River valley

Snowy retreat from the Muddy Missouri

Hotel view. No winter camping

Dreary Midwest day along the Missouri River

Winter Wingdike inspection along the Missouri River.

Out last race, every wingdike was underwater and the river was only just below flood stage.

Will add more photos as I get time......

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