The fast flowing Suwanee River. Florida's best river to paddle?

Suwannee River

Well I have come to the opinion that perhaps the Suwannee River is the best River to paddle in Florida.

Have to admit that is bold -dare I say foolish claim because Florida has so many beautiful places to paddle (including the space center's No Motor Zone of the north Banana River) which until the current and ongoing algae bloom was the best Florida location to paddle --(Okay perhaps that is also a foolish claim -well because not all paddlers enjoy the wide open water on windy days and the sudden booming of a Atlas rocket lifting into orbit)

Some paddlers enjoy the quiet solitude of a north Florida river sunrise

The Suwannee River is located about three hours north of Kennedy Space Center. The tannin stained river water flows fast compared to most Florida rivers.

The River is deep but interspersed with rocky shoals that may not even be noticed during high water trips -however during low water trips, portage may be required when crossing these shoals depending upon the type of water craft one is paddling.

Bass like the shoals!

As do other fish....

At the base of these shoals lurk ancient armored fish that for unknown reasons love to jump straight up out the brown waters. When least expected a 4-5' long sturgeon will leap from the water creating a large and exciting splash! 

Signs placed by the state of Florida abound warning water craft of all types of the jumping sturgeon; however one never knows when these "older than the dinosaurs" fish will take their bountiful jumps.

Whatever your goals in life: please take a moment to enjoy the Florida jumping sturgeon photos on the Suwanee River.

(Photos by Florida Fish and Wildlife)

There is a fascinating wildness to the River. Not just the abundant deer and turkeys but that many of the River homes built sit on tall stilts, indicative of unpredictable savage flooding. 

Speaking of flooding, the surprisingly abundant beavers that inhabit the Suwannee have unlike other beavers across the continent -forsworn the common (instinctive?) practice of building dams or lodges and simply adapted to the ever changing water levels. (The existence of Florida beavers was an unexpected pleasant surprise)

I will make the claim that the Suwannee has the most springs of any Florida River. I actually cannot prove that is a correct statement however it certainly seems true as you paddle past stunningly giant springs, smelly sulphur springs and hundreds of very small to medium springs. Springs everywhere!

Springs....during a paddle trip down the Suwannee River with paddle Florida -one of the evening entertainment  sessions was about cave diving in the underwater rivers and springs that feed the Suwannee and it was explained that the huge, fast Suwannee River is nearly completely a spring fed River (omitting the River headwaters -the great Occanofokee swamp in Georgia and the feeder (spring fed) Withalhoochee River.

To paddle the fast Suwannee and to realize most of the River water had emerged from underground caverns is rather startling!

River Camp

State provided river cabin!

In conclusion I just wanted to mention (and congratulate) the state of Florida for the money expended to create public "River Camps" for canoes and kayak enthusiasts. 

Strategically placed; these River camps for a few dollars offer a place to camp, hot showers, picnic tables and limited screened cabins. A few of these screened cabins and bathrooms are set upon stilts-once again pointing the savage floods that sweep the River ever few years.

These River camps are accessible to paddlers only and are really a treasure not known to most of the residents of Florida -those who do not live in north Florida. (Or at least me-because I was unaware of these River camps until my explorations of the Suwannee River with Paddle Florida.)

Thanks to the State of Florida and to Paddle Florida for some wonderful memories!

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