Posters and paintings around Kennedy Center

The Space Center... ..Walk into any building, bunker or launch tower around the Space Center and one is immersed in space or rocket art!

Spectacular launches and pioneering adventure from both past and future endeavors.

As a long time science fiction fan, I get chills from ALL of it!

Banana Creek Launch Viewing Site


New space vehicles

Tribute to fallen astronauts

Farmer in the sky

Moon and Mars


Leaving Home......

Mural to a new space craft

Safety & escape

On going efforts


In the distance.....

In the VAB

On the launch pad

Old and new ideas

New Worlds?


Space Launch System

Old reliable work horses 

Tribute to stellar success stories


International Space Station

Space folks

Space Station on wall

Shuttle mission patches

Retired Space Ship at the Visitors Center

Thanks for looking! That was just a tiny sample of the art of the space Center

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