Space Center
Art & Propaganda
Page Five

Art work found across the space center-in active and demolished buildings

Fifth page of "space' propaganda"

Quote from page one of Space Center Art:

"The Space Center... ..Walk into any building, bunker or launch tower around the Space Center and one is immersed in space or rocket art!"

Spectacular launches and pioneering adventure from both past and future endeavors.

As a long time science fiction fan, I get chills from ALL of it!"

MARS 2020

Poster on wall of the space center

Starliner sticker


Poster on wall of Space Center

"Handyman wanted"

Atlas Solar Orbiter

Wall art (mural?) in the new NASA Headquarters Building

"Pre" shuttle and space station concept poster on wall of Space Center LCC

Space Station mural on wall of the space center


(on wall of a demolished building)

Poster on floor of the SSPF building

Crew (poster on wall)

Video loop on wall monitor at the

Space Center

Disc handed out to workers

Next Gen!!!

(Patch & Sticker)

Illegal Aliens  (Cubicle art)

Poster in the VAB

SLS roll out to the pad.

(poster on wall of the Space Center)

Space Launch Systems (Cubicle art)

Orion model

(and people in line for a Visitor Center pass)

Field of Dreams! (Cubicle art)

Name that can be found in EVERY building of the Space Center


Old poster on wall of a now demolished NASA building

Poster on wall at space center

VAB in a winter Fog.

KSC Mural

Poster on wall of Space Center.....

Lab growing....what?

COVID temperature test in the Launch Control Center.

SLS rocket art in the background.

Another night launch!

Hallway art in the SSPF and the Dream Chaser spacecraft

More to add....

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