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  Quality Kayak Expeditions of the Space Coast

               About us

Long time in the past: My job as a Pan Am Diver

               Space Center Launch Schedule 

Night, we own it.....

Bioluminescence Expeditions

             Bioluminescence paddling disaster story

                  Art of the Space Center

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                      Art of the Space Center Page Two!

                          Art of the Space Center Page Three!

              Vacation kayak paddle trip to the San Juan Islands

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             Kayaking in the Fog, not just the normal foggy thought patterns but the white stuff

Off limit areas...……..

No Motor Zone

       NASA Causeway

                      Got Badge?

                    Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

                         Launch viewing with car pass

                              Parker Solar Probe launch

Long and short races...….

2019 MR340 Kayak race delayed because of historic flooding

MR340 kayak Race Training

          88 Hours of mud and heat. A race story

              Why enter the MR340 River Race?

    Winter survey of the Missouri River for the MR340

MR340 Race Mistake #1  Paddling too Fast

    Pine Island, Indian River Lagoon & MR340 training

                   Local Kayak, SUP Races

Web cam on the Missouri River for the daily fix of river conditions:

Dundee web camera

Missouri River 340 Race

Please use the race forums for race information

Kennedy Space Center.....

An Oddity found on the beach of KSC

          Space Center Land Grab

 Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge FISHING PERMIT

Alligators of Kennedy Space Center and surrounding waters

Kayaking Canaveral National Seashore

Surfing Kennedy Space Center

The Lagoon......

Mosquito Lagoon

   Mosquito Lagoon: Not quite so normal day of training

Mosquito Lagoon: kayaking to the last Space Shuttle Launch

Safety on the Indian, Banana and Mosquito Lagoon

"Hidden hazards...."

Bit of history and old stuff....

History & creation of the Indian River Lagoon

         The Ais: Native Americans of Kennedy Space Center & the Indian River Lagoon

           Spanish 1605 Exploration of the Space Coast and Indian River Lagoon

Eye-witness account of the formation of the Indian River some seven thousand years ago.
A story of fiction

Chester Shoals House of Refuge (pre space program)

Feeder creeks of the Indian River lagoon system...….

                           Turnbull Creek

                                   Sykes Creek

                                      Taylor Creek

                                    Banana Creek

                                      Pattillo Creek

Rivers of Florida around the Space Center

Econlockhatchee River

Peace River fossil hunt

Ichetucknee River

Suwannee River

Rivers and Creeks I DO NOT like

Please, the environment.....

Rescue the Indian River Lagoon  -please

       About Rescue the River

             Port Canaveral lock problem...(Royal Flush)

                Homeless camp, beach clean-up

Contamination and Cancer Hot Spots south of Patrick Air Force Base 

Please help the Brevard Zoo track terrapins on the IRL:

Fill out the

     Diamondback Terrapin sighting form

Missouri items: The MR340 kayak/canoe race down the Missouri River brings me back to Missouri.

When not on the river I get a brief glimpse of the slowly changing rural Midwest.

I am often surprised......Sometimes dismayed

Weldon Springs Uranium Processing Plant

             O'Day Park and the pipeline leak

EPA Inspector General and the disappointing failure

                 O'Day Park artifacts

Terminus! A review of one small park structure as an extrapolation of the O'day Park project & taxpayer abuse.

Malfeasance of the Missouri Department of Transportation & photos of a defective park entrance.

Letter to the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety about the O'Day Park intersection on Highway DD

O'Day Park & the sad/deadly irresponsibility of MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation)
"The equestrian disaster that could have been prevented"

“Billy” Busch to build a 20,000-square-foot microbrewery on Benne Road & the neighbors are not happy.

O'Day Park change in Water shed & increase of erosion

O'Day Park Concerts of opposition

O'Day Park and flooding of adjoining horse pastures

Space Center stuff:

Fall of the House of Shuttle

YouTube video with the NASA Administrator: BACK TO THE MOON IN FIVE YEARS (Excitement on KSC)

"Almost" all the Space X landings in order (You Tube just for fun!)

The 300' ML Mobile Launch Tower move to the beach launch pad

ML Mobile Launch Tower move from the Launch Pad to the VAB

NASA Guidelines for Dealing with the Media

Kennedy Space Center Mysteries?

Fred the Computer

An odd marker discovered (re-discovered) on KSC

The Ghost of Fort Christmas

Mystery hand print on Mosquito Lagoon

Sand dune restoration and an odd item under the sand

My other website: Pet Turkeys (navigates away from this page)

Favorite links:

Best link so far to space center area kayak outfitters (supporting local business)

Marine Resources Council  (Save the Indian River Lagoon)

Apalachicola Riverkeeper  (Proudly supporting Sandy)

Be Florida Now Saving the lagoon one yard at a time

North Florida Springs !!!!

Paddle Florida (awesome)

MR340 kayak canoe race (Forums)

Floating Dreams  (Video/drone footage of the MR340 Race)

WaterTribe  (Think your tough enough?)

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Tickets to see Space Shuttle Atlantis at the KSC visitors center

Spot the International Space Station

Popular NASA links

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