Reserve Parking locations for Rocket Launch Viewing

Reserve you parking spot for prime rocket launch viewing on the Space Coast of Florida

Art poster on wall of the Launch Control Center

SLS rocket

You know of course, the launch viewing crowds around Kennedy Space Center are only going to get bigger, more chaotic, longer lines of traffic. Boeing, ULA, Delta, Dream Chaser, SpaceX, Blue Origin, SLS, Artemis, Orion, Omega & the new race to the moon.......

NASA brings 40 busloads of VIP rocket enthusiasts to the Banana Creek launch viewing site......Key word: "VIPs"

What about the average rocket viewing enthusiast?

With NO NASA connections.....

Use the Viewber Club to guarantee one of the prime parking locations along the Space Coast of Florida.

Launch crowd

You and your family are driving towards the space coast to view a rocket lighting up the night sky & experience the incredible sound and pulsation of powerful shock waves.

Excitement is so palpable that even your children have turned off their cell phones. (Okay, that part just entered the realm of science fiction)

Suddenly brake lights flash and the Highway becomes a creeping parking lot as rocket watching junkies from Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami and Orlando converge simultaneously on the very limited parking of the Space Coast- that sandy spit of land known as Brevard County

Of course as a veteran space watcher you are aware of the very finite parking for launch viewing. You know the best locations are already taken.

Your kids are already whining about a bathroom break and your wife is irritable for no discernible reason.

You begin to worry. There are perhaps thousands of people parked along the coast already.

The traffic inches forward. Most aware there may not be any parking spots remaining.

There really is no back up plan....

"I should have used Viewber" you admit, but hesitate to say aloud. That would be an admission of failure. A disappointing failure that will be evident soon enough.

Excitement is building on the Space Coast!

Mural on the wall of the SSPF building.


How it works?

Welcome to the age of cell phones, texting & constant communication!

Viewber is a club of retired Space Shuttle, Delta & Atlas workers, technicians and managers who reside on the Space Coast.

"Viewbers" have retained their love of rocketry, fascination with space exploration and are eager to share the thrilling launch experience. 

Currently there are 31 Viewber Club members. (Join the Viewber Clubwho upon request will park in the best lauch viewing locations and HOLD that spot for you.

Once you arrive they will give up (exchange) the parking place to their the scheduled guests.

Viewbers will even set up chairs to reserve seating (real estate)-An often overlooked part of launch viewing.

Launch viewing is always three segments.

*Arrival and Parking.

*Set up of chairs, spreading of blankets and cooler/food.

*Finally, like the rocket, the tortuous escape from the space coast.

The first two will be covered by the Veiwber Club. The third part-'the escape' will be up to the launch viewers.

Viewber Club members will have made their escape from the crowds prior to the launch!

After the lift-oft: Launch crowd escape is always difficult



First select one of the scheduled rocket launches. Select your time of arrival on the space coast.


Next: Send an email to the Viewber Facebook page or send me an email & I will forward it to the club organizer.


You will receive a text or email from your viewber. A personal launch guide with suggestions as to the best launch viewing according to the location of the rocket on CCAFS or Kennedy Space Center and discus expected crowds and optimal arrival times.


Upon your arrival on the space coast, simply text your Viewber for directions to where he or she is holding YOUR parking location.

Upon exchange of parking positions:

You the guest will reimburse the Viewber Club member of his cost in gas, parking fees (if any) and offer a non obligatory gratuity based upon how you view the feel the value & the difficulty of the Viewber Service in retaining your reserved parking position and how long the wait may have been.

Simple, stress free parking!

You the guest the enjoys the launch!

Couple of notes:

RV veiwber is available!

And....When the day arrives in the very near future that a man and woman lift off from the space coast, destination the moon: Many will be waiting overnight or longer. And the experience will be worth the wait!

Description of the launch crowds & dedication of the space junkies in brutal Florida to watch "Just an unmanned SpaceX launch"

Kennedy Space Center, June 24, 4:30 PM, a scorching 95 degrees, heat index of 112+, ‘feels like the surface of Mercury’ Florida was in the grips of a three day heat wave.

As I was departing the center, to my surprise, the Launching Viewing parking “overflow parking” field was already full of parked cars & NASA buses.

I checked my watch: the launch window: 2330 – 0330 was a full seven hours before the night launch of the Falcon Heavy STP-2 – from Launch Complex 39A.

At least three hours of cancerous sun exposure, faint worthy heat & then four hours of legendary space center marsh mosquitos in the heat but no sun..

Were all these spectators roasting in the sun along the shade less NASA Causeway?

True the Falcon Heavy and the two booster landing were going to be nothing short of spectacular.

However how many spectators were going to fall over in this heat?

 Once off the space center I began to weave through the real traffic jams along the Beach line. -These were spectators with no NASA connections..... (and no forethought about using the Viewber Club.

Lift off of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy STP-2 occurred at 0230 (2:30 am)

Landing of the Falcon Heavy First Stages at LZ-1 and 2 occurred at approximately 0240.

The Sonic booms of the landing rockets woke me up at home. However I was back on the center a few hours later.

Crowds gone.

Return Home from Reserve Rocket Launch Viewing

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