Flooding and Erosion Caused by O'day Park

Erosion, flooding & silt flow onto neighboring farms all caused by O'Day Park, O'Fallon Missouri.

O'Day Park little concerned with the effects on their neighbors.

Calls to the MoDNR go unnoticed. Again.

Calls to the Missouri Department of Conservation? Perhaps their name should be changed to the "Missouri Department of Conversation"

Autumn and winter flooding.

No help

Missouri Mud Flood & the state turns a blind eye.

Buckskin penned away from the new silt flood

Silt flow from O'Day Park directly onto neighboring farm.

MODNR?  Well of course I suppose it is about the greenbacks....because they found no problem

Silt flow from the park on the way to the neighboring Busch Wildlife Area. Missouri Department of Conservation?

Kissing up to the park to create a prairie but ignoring the silt damage.

View of the horse pasture turned into a silt swamp thanks to the City of O'Fallon and their ill planned park

One of the horses with his ears back because of the new O'Day park swamp in his pasture & chocolate silt in the once clear stream.

Erosion gully created by park changes in water flow and the direct flooding of adjoining private property and silting of the O'Day Branch Creek & Dardenne Creek

Flooding continues into the spring and early summer. No help

Summer and the water continues to flow into the pasture

Park mud....MoDNR????

As has been their norm, the Missouri park and out of control City of O'Fallon continues to ignore the damage done to the neighboring farms.....Perhaps a lawsuit? Everyone makes fun of lawyers until they are needed.....

Flooding and Erosion Caused by Oday Park & change in the watershed

Flooding in the O'Day caused by change in the natural watershed flow.

The O'Day Branch creek flows directly into a wildlife area. The Department of Conservation? Conversing somewhere else.

Brown tide flowing towards the wildlife area

Why the distrust (and disgust) with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR)  and the Missouri Department of  Conservation?

Despite the current silt & mud disaster to which they turn a blind eye. And despite the somewhat false propaganda both organizations publish- their goals to protect the environment; their past behavior in the O'Day Branch Creek is dismal.

The distrust (and disgust) of course arises from the O'Day Creek pipeline leak and both organizations complicity in helping a giant oil company hide the environmental damage and violations of federal law. 

Okay I will admit the Missouri Department of  "Conservation" complicity was more along the lines of ignoring ten years of fish kills, whereas the management of Missouri Department of Natural Resources absolutely helped the oil company hide their spill damage and ignore their own regulations concerning contaminated soils and remediation.

Personally my opinion is the officials of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources were either hoping to get hired with the oil company and so let the O'Day Branch suffer or their was a direct exchange of greenbacks.

Bold claims that are backed up on pages of The Hidden History of the O'Day Branch Creek and our separate web page on the Pipeline spill: Web of Conspiracy


Forgive my crude language.

Why would the two organizations care about turbidity and erosion when for ten years they ignored the fish kills?

I will admit they put out great propaganda like they really care....... Just not by their actions.

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