Welcome to the central Florida east coast and Quality paddling explorations on the lagoons, canals and estuarine rivers that surround Kennedy Space Center!

The "Space Coast" is the only place on the planet where water enthusiasts can view diverse wildlife and rocket launches during the same paddle adventure. Or paddle the lagoons at night to view the breath taking wonders of Bioluminescence in the waters of the space coast and see a Space X Falcon rocket light up the night! 

The space coast is a paddlers oasis for canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards

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Photo Credit: NASA

If exploits in bioluminescence night paddling, rocket Launch viewing are not on your agenda, there is always the kayak escape from the tourist crowds for guided fishing or photography tours.

Blissful escape into the solitude of the Banana River "No Motor Zone" southern boundary of Kennedy Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center shares a boundary with the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge encompasses 92,000 acres of pristine habitat for more than 331 species of birds, 31 mammals, 117 fishes, and 65 amphibians and reptiles.

So.... there is a selfish reason for my love of kayaking Kennedy Space Center.

I hate crowds.

And can hardly think of anywhere else that can provide the solitude and beauty of paddling the 8000 acres of the "No Motor Zone" of KSC or the shallow waters of Mosquito Lagoon.

As mentioned on the No Motor Zone page: a "crowded" day on the NMZ is a dozen canoes or Kayaks, every now and then a sail boat, however the sailboats have to stay in the deep water channel dredged to ship rocket segments.

Drone Video of KARS Park, & "No Motor Zone" north Banana River

Manatees, local warm water inhabitants of the KSC waters

Do you possess a KSC security access badge? (issued to workers at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station)

What areas can your badge get you that is closed to the general public? Or if you can get a Car Pass?

The North Banana River "No Motor Zone" is often called "Jurassic Park" for good reason!

The NASA Causeway bridge in the distance, is the northern border of the No Motor Zone. Any boats that set off the motion alarms under the bridge will bring security boats and cars.

At least twice, we have watched "Lost Tourists" in powerboats cross  under the bridge and watched the wrath of Kennedy Space Center Security pounce on the hapless trespassing boats!

And we have seen at least one sailboat pushed against the shoreline by the unpredictable winds of the lagoon. Think safety at all times on the water.

Shuttles are gone, but stories are forever....

Kayak Space Shuttle Launch story

Surprising sight one early morning kayaking in the No Motor Zone.  Shuttle on barge!

Just never know....what will be next.

Ais Indian knife or dart point

The shoreline of the 156 mile long Indian River Lagoon has been the home of Native Americans known as the Ais for nearly 5000 years. Every time a hurricane thrashes the lagoon edges, new artifacts are exposed. Adding new information to the history of the Indian River Lagoon.

A new threat is attacking North Americas most diverse estuary. What can you do to help rescue the IRL?

Why Kayak?

Dazed commotion of stormy seas

Comforted by the warmth of spray skirt on kayak

Quick sharp pull of paddle blade gluttonous exhilaration

Ecstatic turbulence of waves that roll and rise feel how good it feels

Radiant rainbow of spray found I ecstasy boat dancing in the waves

Finding brightness in startled surf-forming consciousness adolescent passion reprise

Humming a silent tune

Knew This Would Happen


Never forget you are guest in a wildlife sanctuary!

Wild Turkeys of Kennedy Space Center

If you made it this far.....

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Not Florida however a broken oil pipeline can impact any one & any habitat.

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