Kennedy Space Center mysteries
(or I just don't know......)

Page under construction---just too much information on this subject....

"Mysteries" may be to broad of word to use. Covers a lot of diverse subjects.

But.....sometimes I wonder......or I would not have made this page.

Kennedy Space Center is a paradoxical collection of ancient history and modern events bordering on science fiction.

A menagerie of ambiguous buildings, tunnels, eccentric engineers, NASA, Air Force and Navy bases, a National Park, an endangered species wildlife refuge, tourist mecca-visitor center & nude beach, giant alligators, all set upon an ancient hurricane swept barrier island; where the bones of Ice age fauna mingle with Spanish gold and fragments of exploded rockets. (Space is a harsh mistress)

Hence the esoteric contradictions of mounds, ruins, shipwrecks & top secret robotic space shuttles.

KSC is now deemed a “Multi-User Space Port” –a transformational epicenter of risk taking and ambiguous bureaucratic red tape. A space port to the Red Planet Mars. (so cool)


Of course this means a tsunami of possibilities, of cryptic stories, unique mysteries, dark places & obscure buildings. A unique harbinger of random tales, and a pensive obscure missive of the past & dreamy nocturne of the future.

In plain words: A really fun place to work!

Ais Indian artifact exposed by a gopher tortoise

VAB in the background

I have already created a few web pages of just plain curiosities of the Space Center:

*A piece of torn metal found on the restricted beach -a rocket part?

*Spanish gold found in the Ais Indian mounds of Banana Creek

Air Force X-37 mini robotic shuttle on the Shuttle landing strip. VAB in the Background

Photo Credit: NASA

Mysterious animal out by the nude beach.

The wildlife biologist said "That was on the center? Send me that photo"

Photo credit: Herb

No explanation of the Fred Mystery

Fred the Computer

The Ghost of Fort Christmas

Rediscovered Marker

Working on:

Chester Shoals

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