Tails of love and woe from another Kennedy Space Center

My dystopian Science Fiction fantasy book on Kindle Vella, which follows four or more people (well individuals) across a multiverse of lives as astronauts, old gods, demons, drug addicts, DNA experiments, possessed AIs and where in the distant past old gods warred on the delta and the not so distant future DOD and OSHA exchange nuke missiles.

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Book cover wording:

Across the windswept launch towers of Kennedy Space Center and stygian dark tunnels under the Launch Control Center, things are changing.

With each successful rocket launch, the barriers between the Multiverse weaken. Temporary gates open, allowing visions, dreams, gods, astronauts, demons, vamps, and tourists to slide between the boundaries of time and space. Follow old gods and electronic demons as they are reincarnated into other lives and loves in both the distant future and faraway past.

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A few words on Kindle Vella.

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All of the books on Kindle Vella, the first three chapters are free, to give you a feel if the story is right for you.

And when you join Amazon's Kindle Vella, you get 200 free tokens which should get you to around 6 chapters at no cost.

To read the remaining chapters, you must purchase the very inexpensive tokens. 


Oddly enough, I was writing Woodpecker when a hurricane tore down a cedar tree and made hair like fiber from the ripping of the tree. I started messing around with the wood, it was too unique to burn and subconsciously reproduced a character of the story!


Note: I put it on the table during my Flintknapping displays at the Cocoa Arts and Crafts fair and people ask non-stop to buy it.

Space shuttle fleet

A brief note on Woodpecker

The title refers to the two? Northern Flicker woodpeckers that delayed a space shuttle mission by pecking 2000+ holes in the shuttle fuel tank.  (Ha)

This is my first foray into sci-fi fantasy and I in no way followed the standard story format, but instead made each chapter an individual short short, with minor links to other stories as individuals in the book learn 'something' is not right.

Ideas came from everyday events on the space center

My YouTube comments

For example, pallets of abandoned blackberry phones?

Or People who can see ghosts and things

Or Weird stuff found around the space center

Or the secret NASA projects I cannot talk about

Or my SWAT team encounter when I opened a door that should have been locked, but was alarmed.

Or my Fred the Computer story, that is far more ridiculous and stupidly improbable, but still happened.....

Artemis 1

2022: This is when we rolled the SLS, Artemis/Orion from the beach launch pad 39B back to the VAB because of an approaching hurricane.

Kennedy Space Center

I have the astonished privilege to work at KSC as a communication technician and the work requires going to the highest launch towers to the deepest tunnels under the launch pads, the VAB, the LCC & a hundred other insomniacs that only space junkies wold  care to know.the meaning.

The point is, work and visit every clean to dirty, bright to water-filled, bat-filled tunnels. Freezing days on the 320' level & sweltering Florida summer days in the VAB, So cool!!!!

Everywhere on KSC in the book, I have been there many, many times. Sometimes fun, sometimes, no.

Did you know there are dungeons under the Launch Control Center Firing rooms? Or catacombs and tunnels under the Launch pads 39A & 39B? A tunnel under the crawlerway and a tunnel under the VAB transfer Aisle? A giant vault under the Launch Control Center, and Space Station Processing Facility?


The first public viewing of the Orion capsule after it's return to KSC from the Artemis-1 test launch around the moon.

Amazingly, I get to work in a Sci Fi story!

Artemis 1

Another launch at Kennedy Space Center,

breaking through to the other side

SpaceX booster landing

A SpaceX Falcon booster landing on the adjoining Space Force base.

Amazingly, I get to work in a Sci Fi story!

Did you know, (the photo above) when the booster slows down enough there is sonic boom, but you cannot hear the boom until AFTER the booster dips below the tree line.

And you have to decide, is everything okay?


A couple of thoughts on Kindle Vella.

If you ever had any thoughts on writing a story, consider putting the story on Vella, There are no costs. There is a possibility of making a few dollars, assuming someone reads what you write.

First, I came across the You Tube bloggers stating I could make $400-600 just for putting stories on Kindle Vella.

Why not?

After I began my story, the Vella facebook groups & other You Tube bloggers showed a pattern on discouraged authors--

Their payout was quite a bit lower than the over enthusiastic bloggers claimed. For many the amount was zero.

This despite that Amazon hands out a lot of money.

Finally it became clear: if you have readers to your story, the money does flow.

That's the catch. Readers.

OK, so that means no dollars for me.

I'm sure only bored spiderbots read my stories. But was I discouraged? Heck No!

There are buckets of non monetary benefits (my opinion only)


It is Free. No cost to throw a story out there. You do have find a cover.


I find it very fun, like a chess game, figuring out a story.


Getting your name out there.


Possible use to mention other work. For example my book on KDP  "Freedom's Quest"


Great training format (for me)

I will write on Grammarly, shift to Dabble then to Google Docs and find tune & correct errors each time.

Did I mention free and Fun?

I find Kindle Vella a great option for stories where I am not ready financially to jump to another level.

So do you have an urge to write about something?

If so, Kindle Vella, is out there to use. And if you can figure a way to get someone to read you story or stories?

By all means, if you can stomach my brand of Sci-Fi fantasy, the first three chapters are free.

You might enjoy or you might flee.

But please check out "Woodpecker" on Kindle Vella!

My other story

A favor please?

Please visit my Fictional Florida story on Amazon. “Freedom’s Quest” -type in my name Bruce Ryba on Amazon. (My name comes up easier than the book title using the word Freedom.

My choice of titles put me all the way back to into the Amazon graveyard. LOL

By the way, I’m NOT asking for anyone to purchase, just look, because Amazon recognizes traffic to their page.

If you do happen to read either book: Forgive me for the murder and drug use, for the cursing and implied piggish behavior.

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Author Bruce Ryba

Author Bruce Ryba at Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad 39B & Artemis 1. "We are going to the Moon!"

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