Birds and such of Florida
(or reason to bring camera while kayaking)

Well I made a page for about everything else, but omitted one of the pleasures of Kayaking in Florida.

The Birds!

Great Blue Herons having some fun!

Kayaking around Kennedy Space Center or Driving the east shore of Mosquito Lagoon & world famous Black Point Wildlife Drive.


It is well established that the seven mile Black Point Wildlife Drive on the northern end of Kennedy Space Center is the best bird watching/photography location in the eastern United States.

Black Point- Amazing place, however often I am drawn to the quieter places of the Space Center and Refuge.

Call me an introvert, but I avoid the crowds (even the birding crowds and often seek the solitude of nature--- however I do not mind showing like minded folks the natural treasures of the Space Coast or the wilder parts of Florida.

Not the best photo, however the Suwanee River current was carrying us quickly past this hawk seeking a tasty snake.

Mosquito Lagoon!

Page under construction (sorting bird pics)

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