Lake 33 Killing Relic
Chapter 9.5
The Director is wasted

Another First Draft, including typos and poorly thought out ideas.

The title number I had to split, trying to fit chapters in spaces (to be corrected later or the entire scene deleted.

Chapter 9.5

A bird honked overhead, waking me on the windshield of Calvin's car. Canada goose, I thought, looking up and then sliding off Betty's windshield, my aching and stiff spine screaming that I needed to sleep on a bed. The Missouri River was beautiful, the fading starlight disguising the muddy water.

"Don't eat the catfish," I joked and groaned, trying to loosen up my back muscles. Food and gas, Betty was almost empty, and I headed for the gas station on Highway K.

I rubbed my back while pumping gas and shook my head at the price of fuel. Outside the gas station lights, the world was still grey; it was not yet sunrise when I noticed a white shape materialize from the direction of the housing development. As the shape moved closer, I realized it was a woman wearing a long white dress, an evening gown.

Trying not to stare at the incongruous sight, the woman suddenly veered at me, and I recognized her. Her coiffed hair with a one loose strand was a striking contrast to the sequined evening gown, matching purse, matching high heels, the expensive dress cut to accentuate her breasts in the newest runway model fashion. However, her eyes were vacant.

Director Liu looked at me without recognition. "I have to get back to the party," she said while looking into the distance, "I have to get back to the party."

I looked at the Sun that was peeking over the horizon. Damn, I miss those types of parties. 

"Which way is the highway? The party. My truck and the party, my truck," said Director Liu. She wandered away from me and sat heavily on the sidewalk near the entrance to the gas station store.

I could not leave her at the station.

"Director Liu? Director," I said gently. Serious drugs or just partying too hard. Moonshine?

Her eyes still had a far away look, as she repeated, "I have to get back to the party."

"Where's the party at?" I asked, "I'll give you a ride to your truck."

"Party is in Ferguson?" she asked.

What are you doing out here? "The party is over. The Sun is coming up. Do you have someone you can call or get a ride to your car?"

Director Lui only gave me a blank stare, leaned over, and puked near the gas station entrance. A lady with bad teeth came out of the store cursing, "Who allows the homeless people around here? The State needs to do something about the meth addicts." 

The Director looked at me with the first hint of recognition. "The janitor? Can you clean up that mess? Can you clean that mess for me?" She began laughing.

"You can't drive. What if I take you home? We can get your truck later. Where do you live?" I asked.

"I live at the University of Austin or Saint Charles," she said. "The Show-Me state is worse than Texas, you know? I do not remember my address, but all my ex's live in Texas." She began laughing again.

I helped her stand up, " Be careful; we don't want to ruin your dress. I have paper towels in the car."

"You're the janitor," she said.

"Let's get some coffee until you remember your address. A local restaurant in St. Charles?" 

"Saint Charles sushi breakfast is served fresh. Here we go!" said the Director.

"How about coffee and an omelet or something normal?"

She glared at me with mock scorn, "Normal?" 

However, at the restaurant parking lot, I gently woke her.

"Some food? Do you remember your address?" 

"My house is in Winghaven," she said.

I looked at her with disbelief; we were only five minutes from Winghaven when she approached me at the gas station.

"Coffee," I said and helped her inside the mom-and-pop eatery. She received many bemused looks, but I was certain she received envious looks wherever she went.

The waiter gave me a knowing nod. Part of me enjoyed her suffering in an evening gown, but mostly, I enjoyed sitting with her.

"Margaritas," she said.

"Coffee, scrambled eggs, and sausage," I told the waiter, who nodded again and smiled.

"I assume you eat meat," I said to the Director.

"I'm from Texas? Carnivore from East Texas, of course, we eat meat. That was a silly question," she said a little sharply.

For a moment, I was reminded that I was sitting with the Ice Queen. "Drink some coffee; I'll take you home," I said. "If you can figure out where that is." Bitch.

"Margaritas, should've known better," said the Director.

About halfway through our second cup of coffee, she looked at me. "How did I get here?" she demanded.

I could feel the ice wall, her shield growing in that single comment.

"You were lost at the gas station, and I offered to take you home, but you could not remember your address or where your truck was parked, so I offered to get you some coffee until you recalled your address.You puked all over a gas station sidewalk.

"Take me home," she demanded. Full Ice Queen mode.

"You told me home was the University of Austin."

The waiter set the food and coffee at the table and she only stared at her food, "I don't remember anything, and my head hurts."

"That's a beautiful dress," I said, diving into the eggs. I was hungry.

The complement melted a tiny corner of the ice shield. "Thank you," she finally said and picked up her coffee. "Thank you for helping me; I guess I had too much to drink. You really found me at a gas station?"

"I have to admit, Director, I'm envious, you must have had a blast, Although judging by your dress, I couldn't afford that party." 

"Government, DOE party, a celebration of monitoring the West Lake Landfill."

"Only monitoring, not cleaning it up?" I asked.

"The EPA has to clean up the contamination," said the beautiful lady in the evening gown.

Around me, women smirked while all the men shot furtive envious glances at the Director and I.

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