Lake 33 Killing Relic
Chapter 17
Investigation Day One

Another warning! This is the first draft, errors, incorrect words and terrible ideas tossed into the public view, with the problems to be fixed later or never or delete the entire chapter.

Chapter 17

West Lake Investigation, Day One

The Chief called the meeting to order.

"I'm Chief McKenzie, and I will head up the response to the West Lake landfill bombing.

This is day one of the investigation into the bombing.

We have representatives from Homeland Security, the FBI, ATF, Local law enforcement, DEI, and spokespersons for the DOE & EPA.

Anything said today must stay in this meeting, per Homeland."

The Chief looked at each person to reinforce the Investigation security.

"The Attorney General has authorized prison time for anyone who speaks to the Press."

He nodded, "Okay, FBI, tell us about the two bombs."

The FBI spokesperson used a laser to point to a PowerPoint presentation.

"Small and primitive Fertilizer bombs with crude cell phone timers—the information to make these is readily available on the Internet. There is no indication of training from the Middle Eastern terror cells.

The explosions only seemed large because one bomb severed and lit on fire one of the Methane collection tubes.

The second bomb explosion was contained inside the chilled water pump house. The repairs were completed in less than thirty-six hours, and there was no indication of the subsurface heat migrating to the uranium waste material.

The pump house bomb was a dirty bomb. There was radioactive material in the explosion. The electricians, plumbers, and mechanics were not informed of the radioactive material, as their unions would have demanded more protection, and speed was paramount.

Nor was the Press informed of this."

The Chief stepped up to the screen. "A brief interruption. The Press has been informed that any radiation detected was already present at West Lake from the 87 tons of radioactive material in the landfill. There will be no information leaked about a dirty bomb."

A few people winced at the withholding of the radiation information from the workers; however, some sacrifices had to be made for the benefit of everyone.

The FBI agent concluded, "All indications point to a homegrown amateur terror cell."

"Thank you, FBI," said the Chief. "DOE, your report on the radioactive material."

"The Radioactive material in the dirty bomb," said a lady with close-cropped hair, "The material is ours. Based on the chemical structure, we have eliminated the possibility of the material coming from Iran, China, Russia, or India.

It is ours.

The uranium mixture of copper, cobalt, vanadium, and thorium monazite indicates that the bomb material is 100% related to the original Shinklobwe Congolese ore raffinate material stored at Lambert Field and the Weldon Springs Quarries.

In layperson's terms, the bomb material originates from the Manhattan Project waste stored at the St. Louis airport, Coldwater Creek, and Weldon Springs quarries.

Our working hypothesis is that a worker may have kept some radioactive material as a souvenir when the waste was relocated from Lambert to the Coldwater Creek storage or transported from Coldwater Creek to the West Lake landfill or Weldon Springs in St. Charles County.

The DOE agent flashed a photo of a truck accident on the screen. The yellowed newspaper clipping read Highway 70 wreck.

"Someone may have kept a sample of the waste out of curiosity, and they most likely died of acute radiation syndrome poisoning.

There is a .0003 percent chance someone found an undisclosed storage location of Coldwater Creek radioactive waste products; however, that seems unlikely."

The Chief said, "Thank you, DOE. Homeland has worked up a profile of the bombing suspects."

A serious young man who may have been of Hmong ancestry stepped forth.

"We have performed a terrorist profile. A homegrown anti-nuclear activist group. The sign in front of the camera points to a heavy narcissistic save-the-world group.

Infrared film footage shows small unit cohesion. We are possibly dealing with dissatisfied veterans of the recent wars."

"Okay, DEI, do you have any comments?" said the Chief.

"Privileged, of course. White or Indian males, Right-wing extremists, Second Amendment supporters, of course. Search the local FB groups for dissatisfied white males; only logical," said an immaculately dressed woman.

The Chief looked around the team. "Does anyone care to disagree with DEI?"

The woman stared at the team, ready to defend her position.

"Okay, EPA, any suggestions?" said the Chief.

"We concur with DOE; the perps may have expired. Search the area for any deaths or hospital treatment for radiation sickness," said a bald man with a yellow beard. "We also suggest a review across the two states for anyone who may have set off the radiation monitors at the airports and municipalities."

"To wind up meeting one," said the Chief. "I expect the local law enforcement agencies to shake the area hard. Call in all your debts, shake your informants, and offer a reward for information so tempting that the druggies and gang bangers cannot resist.

Our overall focus will be on white males, veterans, and perhaps wounded while on active duty. Invite the VA to the second meeting.

The second meeting will be in two days. The Attorney General wants this solved before another attack."

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