Science Fiction art inspired by my Kindle Vella story "Woodpecker"

Tails (and Tales) of the "other" Kennedy Space Center,

This is a collection of art I made that helped me write Woodpecker.

Cannot claim the art is good, but can say I had a lot of fun with both the so called art and writing the crazy stories.

So yes, criticism is expected, however maybe you may enjoy an image or two?

Note on the Art, some of the pictures are mine that I digitally messed with.

Other pictures are my photos of public NASA art work, posters and propaganda around Kennedy Space Center. NASA owns the originals art work & I have simply modified for fun some of the propaganda.


Wookpecker  (Link to Amazon)

Back of Book:

Across the windswept launch towers of Kennedy Space Center and stygian dark tunnels under the Launch Control Center, things are changing.

With each successful rocket launch, the barriers between the Multiverse weaken. Temporary gates open, allowing visions, dreams, gods, astronauts, demons, vamps, and tourists to slide between the boundaries of time and space. Follow old gods and electronic demons as they are reincarnated into other lives and loves in both the distant future and faraway past.



Above: A truly scary patch from the wall of the Space Station Processing Facility.

This actual NASA patch more than anything, had an effect on the story. How far can DNA be warped?

I know the research is only for the effects of deep space on humans in preparation to a Mars journey.......but what if....




Velociraptor with a rose, for those of broken hearts


My photo of Artemis 1 & SLS

Florida Morning at Launch Pad 39B

Okay, so I have about a 1000 of these pictures/make believe art & will feed to the page

Under construction.......

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