First to Mars?

Have to admit, I just made this page after watching the simulation of the SpaceX Star ship and the trip to Mars.

OMG! Part of the way science works is to imagine it can be so!

Working at Kennedy Space Center, I have often joked that SpaceX is going to beat the US Gov to Mars.

Falcon Heavy launch as seen from my house (on my You tube channel)

I have to admit, I have NOT BEEN A FAN OF SPACEX

But somehow I have come around.......

Being a long time Space Shuttle fan and working on Kennedy Space Center, I was somewhat horrified when SpaceX constructed their new facility across the crawlerway--the artificial road across Banana Creek used by both Apollo, Shuttle & SLS/Orion to roll vehicles out of the VAB to the launch pads.

Suddenly a historic part of the space center had just been defiled.


Cubical art in the SSPF building.

SpaceX was an easy joke target in the beginning.

NOW? Everyone has shut up and seen the future.


On KSC or the Space Force Base, pull over for the SpaceX boosters returning to HangerX

Dummit Creek, I used a great NASA photograph of Launch pads 39A & 39B with the NASA SLS rocket on one pad and a SpaceX Falcon on the other page.

A very cool time to be working at KSC!

Of course SpaceX did not make any fans when we were all stuck at the guard gate entrances to KSC for three hours because SpaceX had layed off ten percent of their work force and not informing them of thier job loss, but instead, made the KSC gate guards check every SpaceX worker, check a list, and either pass them into the center or confiscate the badge and deny entry into Kennedy Space Center.

All this while we waited at long lines at the three KSC gates wondering what was up?

That one big explosion on the Space Force Base caused some bad feelings, with the SpaceX employees telling me that the main rocket competitor at the cape had sabotaged their rocket.

I said, "NO this is not some cold war book"

Stuff happens.

SpaceX Creek on Kennedy Space Center

But, putting aside the few mistakes, SpaceX has flipped the space industry upside down with their profit and proficiency.

I have been told that only Blue Origin is following in their footsteps. and both SpaceX and Blue Origin have rocket contracts for the new moon Gateway project.

But what is stunning is the sheer amount of launches from the Space Force Station and Kennedy's Pad 39A!

Record setting like nothing, no one has ever seen outside of science fiction.

Why this page then?

As I sit here typing and another SpaceX launch is rattling the house windows and I wait for the sonic boom of a returning SpaceX booster, I know that the Mars dream (in the link I posted above) is happening!

I work at Kennedy and "Always NASA says, Mars in 2040" However I see SpaceX and Blue Origin in a race for Mars.

As a matter of fact, I am always saying the two billionaires should work together to be the first on Mars and then rename everything they want!

The Musk super volcano and the Bezos super canyon.

And while they are there, seed the place with whatever earth life forms can survive!  Go for it.

SpaceX Sonic booms as two boosters return to the cape (from my YouTube channel)


This screen shot someone sent to me-a representation of launches from the space shuttle program to 2022 and SpaceX accelerating their launch schedule.

2023 broke those records.


Visitor center

A commercial for the new Moon Gateway project


Another SpaceX launch


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